Reformed and Redeemed Ministries

Your Life Has Worth

Our Services

Below is a list of a few of the services we can offer to those who need them. Everyone's situation is different, but we try to help everyone who contacts us. We are not professional counselors,(but we can help find one for you), we do not give legal advice, and we do not charge any fees for any reason. We are a group of understanding people who want to help others rebuild their lives after life altering circumstances have happened to them, whether it was self inflicted or not.

1. Counselors, therapists, and psychologists if you need someone to talk with.*

2. Ministers from several denominations to speak with. **

3. Several law firms that we work with and recommend for different situations. *

4. Proactive work with legislators on points of law and changes to current laws and regulations.

5. Several people who are in the same type of situation who may be of help to guide you through your experiences. **

6. Job opening notifications.**

7. Help filling out applications, forms and resumes.**

8. Help finding acceptable housing and notifications when openings are available.**

9. Help understanding and signing leases for rental units.**

10. Transportation to necessary appointments.***

11. 24 hr online and telephone help. **

* Third party fees may apply for licensed professionals.

** No fees apply. Work is considered to be volunteer, non licensed, and non binding.

*** If and when available.